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Bullion Omega Tech Services

BULLION OMEGA SERVICES is for those traders who are looking for risk-free trading tips in the MCX market. HNI Traders, Big Investors, Corporations & Individuals, are all involved in this
package and profit handsomely on a 
monthly basis.
This package is the SureShot package, which includes high accuracy in all tips and all intraday tips. This BULLION OMEGA Package is designed for HNI Premium Investors who want to invest large, dream big, and earn big.We've only set our objectives for this package for every high-net-worth individual who joins us for it or wants to join us for a new chance at profit. We Wish To Maintain A Long-Term Customer Relationship.

Package Pricing


₹ 1,20,000/-


Half Year

₹ ,

What You Get

Service Features

  • A minimum investment of Rs 5 lac is required for a tips trader.
  • BULLION OMEGA SERVICES assists traders in obtaining buy/sell recommendations based on market conditions.
  • This service will provide you with one tip per day, in multiple lots.
  • Based on OMEGA Tech Research, this BULLION OMEGA SERVICES call is made.
  • Each tip will make a maximum profit of Rs 50,000/-.
  • Our team of over 30 technical analysts will communicate with traders through phone, telegram, and WhatsApp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sample Calls

  • Buy Gold AT 47500 - 47550  TARGET 47750 STOPLOSS 47300
  • Buy Gold Almost Hit Target Made New High :: 47700

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